Use groups to organize persons into Small Groups, Bible Studies, Classes, Grades and more. You define your groups for your church’s needs.

Allow users to upload photos on their own, while retaining the ability to approve of those pictures before they go live.

Granular permissions give you control over every aspect of the directory. Limit group access, ability to update none, some or all of their own information, what contact information is shown on the contact cards, photos, maps, etc.

Search by name, address, phone, email, children, etc.

Adjust the directory to your needs. Hide fields and data you don’t want to maintain, ensuring your data remains clean and tidy.

Integrated Map with Directions from Apple or Google Maps

"We didn't know what we were missing out on!"

Mobile and Desktop

Personory seamlessly operates across all devices, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Members have the flexibility to choose their preferred device for accessing the directory.

Directory administrators enjoy full control over every aspect of the directory, whether they’re on the go with their mobile phone or working from their desktop computer.

Brent Jolly
Church Member

So enjoyable to use! Helps me find who people are!