A Directory Like
No Other

Engage Your Members

Enjoy a fresh interface that’s as inviting as it is functional. Our design ensures that every user, regardless of tech proficiency, feels comfortable and engaged.

Easy Communication at Your Fingertips

Connect instantly using features that integrate seamlessly with your existing phone and messaging apps. Whether it’s sending a text, making a call, or emailing, our directory enriches your interactions without the hassle of learning new systems.

Intuitive Navigation and Real-Time Searching

Navigate through our user-friendly directory with live search that instantly brings up relevant household details as you type. Each listing is organized by household, featuring essential contact details, photos, and more—all designed to help you find information quickly and efficiently.

Integrated Maps and Address Info

Get directions with a simple click using Apple or Google Maps directly from a member’s profile. View addresses in the app alongside other member information, making planning visits or sending out invites effortless.

In-Depth Member Insights

Our directory goes beyond basic details. Access information about family connections, kids’ ages and grades, and group affiliations with easy-to-understand labels. This feature is especially useful for integrating new members and strengthening bonds within your church community.

Individual Listings

Our system supports both household and individual listings, offering the flexibility to tailor directories and group directories to meet specific needs, including customization for each group and the primary directory group.

Student/Child Listings

Our individual listings allow you to group children by age groups and grades, whether individual grades are grouping of grades and/or ages.

Tailor every aspect of your directory to reflect your organizational values.

Our service is designed with the flexibility to align perfectly with your organization’s unique values and needs. Every feature, including those below, can be customized to fit your preferences—enabled or disabled as required. With Personory, you have complete control over your directory’s functionality; we don’t impose unnecessary features. Instead, we empower you to activate the tools that serve your purposes, ensuring that every aspect of your directory is a true reflection of what matters most to you.

Flexible Privacy Controls

Enable users to manage their own privacy settings, or restrict these controls to admins who can designate information as unlisted, tailoring access according to your organizational policies.

Household Flexibility

Personory allows a child or student to be associated with multiple households, accommodating split families and other unique situations. Additionally, it tracks each adult’s relationship to the child on a household-specific basis.


Enable and customize pronouns to respect and reflect individual preferences in interactions.

Gender Tracking

Monitor the demographics of your directory members by tracking gender, primarily for administrative use. Optionally, display this information on contact cards as needed.