Divide and Conquer

Our directory software revolutionizes how organizations like churches, schools, and clubs manage their communities. With advanced grouping capabilities, our tool simplifies communication, enhances organizational efficiency, and allows for seamless member management.

Groups: Tags, Lists, Roles, Permissions and More!

Self Join/Leave

Manage groups manually, automatically with rule-based setups, or through opt-in and opt-out methods using customized wording tailored to each group and action.

Roles & Permissions

Assigning someone to a group automatically grants them specific permissions and privileges. Eliminate the need for separate roles by enabling users to inherit permissions based on their group memberships.


Our Groups feature is not only robust but can also be used simply to tag users into desired categories.


Easily generate mail-lists and sync groups with MailChimp and other services.

Flexible Group Exports

Export groups in various formats, customizing the content and output to meet your needs.

Group Membership Notifications

Set up notifications for one or more individuals, including those in different groups, when users are added or removed from specified groups.

Custom Membership Rules

Set rules defining who can join specific groups based on user profiles or membership in other groups. For instance, restrict a Men’s Bible Study group to adult males only, minimizing administrative errors.

Smart Dynamic Groups

Define rules and filters based on profile details and group memberships to effortlessly create groups by grades, ages, gender, and more.

Individual & Household

Groups can be segmented by individuals or groups based on your needs.


Every group has the potential to be it’s own directory, with a sub-listing of people including their own map and gallery.

Controlled Group Visibility

Determine who can see specific groups, view their members, and whether these groups are accessible on the front end or restricted to the admin back end.

Frontend Group Management

Enable non-admin users to manage their groups on the frontend, allowing them to add, remove, and easily communicate with group members via email.

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