Current Features

Granular Permissions: Control access on a per-field basis, including contact details, group memberships, photos, map locations, and more.

User Photo Uploads: Members can upload their own photos, which are then held in a queue for admin approval.

Photo Management: Admin dashboard for tracking and managing photo approvals, requesting updates, and monitoring old photos.

Contact Information Access: View detailed contact views, including children’s ages and grades.

Custom Mapping: Place custom markers on maps for various locations such as multiple campuses and bible study spots.

Customization Options: Add your church logo to create a customized appearance for both mobile and desktop web applications.

Direct Communication Tools: Integrated email and texting links work with your existing mail and messaging clients to keep all communications in-house.

Quick Access Links: Add links to the directory header for easy access to websites, recordings, live streams, etc.

Custom Links and QR Codes: Generate personalized links and QR codes for onboarding new members or providing limited access to essential information.

Group and Individual Photos: Support for uploading both individual and household photos.

User Notes: Add notes to user accounts for additional record-keeping.

Groups Features

Dynamic Groups: Create groups that automatically update based on criteria like birthdays, anniversaries, grades, or membership status.

Group Management: Designate group managers who can oversee their groups without full admin rights.

Permissions Management: Automatically assign specific permissions to members added to particular groups.

Data Syncing: Link group tags with MailChimp, Breeze, and Planning Center for streamlined communications.

Group Visibility: Manage public and admin-only groups, with controlled visibility based on user permissions.

Location Assignments: Attach groups to specific map locations to easily display where groups meet.

Group Membership Control: Allow users to self-manage their participation in groups such as Bible studies or mailing lists.

Custom Group Links: Provide custom links and QR codes for exclusive group access or event registration.

Membership Notifications: Automatically notify designated members when changes occur in group composition.

Membership Labels: Display group memberships as labels or badges on individual and household contact cards for easy identification.

Upcoming Features

Enhanced Integration: Sync with BreezeCHMS, Planning Center, and MailChimp for enhanced functionality.

Smart Auto-Image Cropping: Automatically enhance and crop photos for a polished look.

Custom Fields: Add bespoke fields to capture unique information relevant to your church community.

Attendance Tracking: Monitor group attendance to keep track of participation and engagement.

Directory and Data Tools: Features for printing directories, exporting data, and generating contact and prayer sheets.

Group Payment Options: Introduce payment requirements for access to certain events or groups, ideal for fundraisers or special event registrations.