Breeze Integration

Syncing Breeze People with Personory

You can choose which Breeze People you want to sync with Personory. Typically, you will want to sync active members, their spouses, and children. You can also opt to sync people matching specific tags or options from multiple-choice Breeze fields.

Mapping and Syncing Breeze Tags to Personory Groups

Breeze Tags can be mapped to Groups in Personory. When someone is added to a tag in Breeze, they will be added to the corresponding group in Personory. If the group in Personory is defined as a household group, then anyone in the household (also known as Breeze Family) assigned that tag will have the household placed into the group. New groups for tags can be automatically created on the Breeze setup page in Personory.

Organizing Personory Groups Created by Breeze Tags

Personory groups created by Breeze tags will be automatically placed into a sub-group of the folder they are in within Breeze. Although Breeze supports multiple levels of folders and tags, Personory only supports one level. Thus, any nested folders in Breeze will be placed into the first parent folder group in Personory.

Syncing Breeze Folders to Personory

Breeze Folders are automatically converted to groups if you wish to sync a Breeze Tag and a folder containing the tag exists.

Managing Personory Groups

Once created, Personory groups can be moved around for organizational purposes while still retaining the ability to sync automatically.

Assigning Multiple Choice Fields to Personory Groups

Multiple-choice Breeze fields can also be assigned to a Personory Group on the Breeze Setup page in Personory. People assigned a specific choice in a multiple-choice field will be mapped to the corresponding group in Personory.